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Gear for the Horse, Rider, Barn and Trailer

Whether you're on the trail or you need to evacuate, we've got a few products to help find and/or identify a lost horse or to aid an injured horse or rider.


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from Sierra View Ranch General Store is a

must-have accessory for your saddle or bridle...especially out on the trail.

This substantial and durable clip-on tag with its heavy-duty scissor snap, has enough room on its waterproof, fold out "info sheet" to write in all the pertinent identification and emergency info for you and your horse. 

The I.C.E. Clip-On can also be attached to your horse's halter to use as an ID when you are traveling or at a show.

And the I.C.E.Clip-On is PORTABLE!

Move it from saddle to belt loop . . . to your backpack or camera bag . . . or your dog's crate . . . or use it as a luggage tag. Endess possibilities, all with your horse's and your safety in mind.

In stock in Black, Red, Royal Blue, Purple and Orange.

(Other colors available by request.

Yellow, Burgundy, Navy Blue, Tan, Gray, White, Turquoise, Lime and Hot Pink)



ICECLP01        $16.00




Complete instructions included.







Identify your horse with the


from Sierra View Ranch General Store

this I.C.E. device easily and securely fastens to your horse's mane and will stay on even during a roll.  Just grab a small amount of mane, loosely twist it, place the hook over the twist and release the pull trigger.

The ManeStay has the same fold out sheet (for all your horse's and your info) as the original I.C.E.Clip-On. 

Available in Yellow as shown

MNSTY01     $21.00

The I.C.E. form itself is made of a Cal-Fire rated flame resistant material. The nylon strap melts at between 419º and 430º.

The ABS plastic (the ManeStay body itself) melts at between 425º and 515º. The metal parts are stainless steel.

A horse or mule's mane will burn at lower temperatures than any of ManeStay's components



To Order Call  (530) 263-6696 ...or... click here



Horse ID Collar.

Protection for your horses by World Class Equine.

This collar is safe and easy to use.

It can be invaluable during a

natural disaster, forced evacuation,

or just to identify your pasture horses.

This collar adjusts with a

hook and loop closure

and has a plastic sleeve

for you to include the horses name,

your phone number or any necessary medical information.

Two sections of reflective tape

on the collar help during low light situations.

Every farm, ranch or boarding stable can benefit from this product.

Collar measures 37" end to end with

6" Hook & Loop Closure

Made in the USA

IDCLLR01     $21.00




To Order Call  (530) 263-6696 ...or... click here



With simple language and a quick-access format, this book provides advice from both a DVM and an MD about handling all the common injuries and conditions that can arise when people and horses come together.

It opens with an essential chapter on what to do when both horses and riders are injured.

For horses, it covers animal/insect bites, wounds and bleeding, bone injuries, eye conditions, heat stress, allergic reactions, hoof problems, acute lameness, and more.

For riders, it covers CPR, head injuries, lightning injuries, bone and joint injuries, and many other conditions.


First Aid for Horse and Rider is essential for

every tack room and cantle-bag.

Paperback, 192pp - 4" x 6.75"


PBK001          $12.95



To Order Call  (530) 263-6696 ...or... click here