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Gear for the Horse, Rider, Barn and Trailer



When it comes to natural horse grooming products, we believe we've found the very best in Premier Equine. And check out our cookies!

To Order Call  (530) 263-6696 ...or... click here



Premier Equine has developed the most wonderful line of natural products to clean and condition your horse's mane, tail, hair and skin.


Conditioner, Shampoo, Brush


I've been using Premier Equine's Rose Conditioner for over 15 years now and my horses' manes and tails rarely, if ever, tangle and their manes, tails and coats are remarkably soft and shiny. 

Try it!  You won't be disappointed!



Premier Rose' Conditioner

contains no silicon or glycerine

and can be used when the horse is

wet or dry. 

It creates a protective moisture barrier that eliminates static electricity.

Rose' does not collect dust,

encourages elasticity,

soothes dry, flaky skin and

brings out the most incredible shine

on your horse's entire body. 

It's a very economical way to add a show-look finish to your regular grooming routine.

The concentrate mixes 10 parts water to 1 part conditioner and

1 quart of concentrate makes 6 quarts of conditioner...

that's just $4.83/mixed quart!  

A gallon of the concentrate is also available. 

For your convenience, we also offer Premier's Ultimate Sprayer. 

It's heavy duty, has a measuring line for mixing and delivers the conditioner in a fine, even spray.

Made in the USA

  CND001  32 oz. concentrate 


(may require extra shipping cost)

       CND002   1Gal. concentrate 


(may require extra shipping cost)

SPR001     sprayer     $6.95


Please Note:   We are currently only selling the concentrated conditioner

and spray bottles.






To Order Call  (530) 263-6696 ...or... click here





Mrs. Pastures Cookies for Horses

are the best, all-natural cookie

at a very economical price.

They're small and very crunchy and won't break up in your pocket so they make a great training aid/reward.

  And they make a fun "horsey" gift!

They contain: Oats, Wheat Bran,

Rolled Barley, Apples and Water.


Made in the USA

They are readily available in:

CKY001     8 oz. bag     $4.95

CKY002     35 oz. cookie jar     $14.50

(extra shipping charge)

CKY003     5 lb. bag     $26.95

(extra shipping charge)


CKY004     15 lb. bucket    $72.00

(extra shipping chrge)

CKY005     15 lb Refill Box     $65.00

(extra shipping charge)

Larger quantities are also available - call for special pricing.

You'll get a free 3-cookie sample pack with any

Mountain Equestrian order that ships from my office so you can let your horses try them out. One crunch will tell you justhow much they love them - mine will do anythingfor a Mrs. Pastures cookie!

Made with love in Northern California.


To Order Call  (530) 263-6696 ...or... click here