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Gear for the Horse, Rider, Barn and Trailer


We offer great products for your horse including monogramed halters, fleece cinches and Mrs. Pasture's Cookies !  All Made in the U.S.A.

Give us a call at (530)263-6696 or click here to place your order today!








Identify your horse with the


from Sierra View Ranch General Store

This I.C.E. device easily and securely fastens to your horse's mane and will stay on even during a roll.  Just grab a small amount of mane, loosely twist it, place the hook over the twist and release the pull trigger.

The ManeStay has the same fold out sheet (for all your horse's and your info) as the original I.C.E.Clip-On. 

(Click on the Riding Accessories button to your left to view the original clip-on.)


MNSTY01     $21.00


The I.C.E. form itself is made of a Cal-Fire rated flame resistant material. The nylon strap melts at between 419º and 430º.

The ABS plastic (the ManeStay body itself) melts at between 425º and 515º. The metal parts are stainless steel.

A horse or mule's mane will burn at lower temperatures than any of ManeStay's components




To Order Call  (530) 263-6696 ...or... click here


Mrs. Pastures Cookies for Horses are the best,

all-natural cookie at a very economical price. They're

small and very crunchy and won't break up in your

pocket so they make a great training aid/reward.

  And they make a fun "horsey" gift!

They contain: Oats, Wheat Bran,

Rolled Barley, Apples and Water.


Made in the USA

They are readily available in:

CKY001     8 oz. bag     $4.95

CKY002     35 oz. cookie jar     $14.50

(extra shipping charge)

CKY003     5 lb. bag     $26.95

(extra shipping charge)


CKY004     15 lb. bucket    $72.00

(extra shipping chrge)

CKY005     15 lb Refill Box     $65.00

(extra shipping charge)

Larger quantities are also available - call for special pricing.

You'll get a free 3-cookie sample pack with any

Mountain Equestrian order that ships from California

so you can let your horses try them out.

One crunch will tell you just

how much they love them - mine will do anything

for a Mrs. Pastures cookie!

Made with love in Northern California.




To Order Call  (530) 263-6696 ...or... click here



The the last of it's kind that is made in the U.S.A.

World Class Equine makes their own

high quality halters from

premium 1" nylon

with heavy-duty brass hardware and

rolled throat.

They add an overlay that can be

monogrammed across the nose bridge (as shown) or on either side.

The halters have a great feel and fit and

are available in small (500 - 800 lbs.),

medium (800 - 1100 lbs.)

or large (1100 -1800lbs.)

They are offered in a wonderful array of colors. See webbing charts (below). 

A is for halter colors and B is for overlay colors.

Made in the USA

HTR001     Small          $36.00

HTR002    Medium        $38.00

HTR003    Large           $40.00


Monograms are $15.00 per overlay






To Order Call  (530) 263-6696 ...or... click here