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Mountain Equestrian is located in Grass Valley, CA, in the foothills of the magnificent Sierra Nevada. owner, Linda, lives on Starshine Ranch with her two Morgan mares, Midnight Magic and Ostara D’Penbrook and two Mediteranean donkeys, Moonshine (mom) and Stella. Most of Linda's riding time is spent on the trail with Midnite and Stara but she and Stara also spend some time in the arena taking dressage lessons and Midnight and Linda are having fun riding endurance.  Mooni and Elli have a big job...they get to keep company with the horse who's left behind.

Linda was a retailer for over 15 years and has brought her expertise to the internet. She is dedicated to finding the best products for herself and her horses and would now like to offer them for sale to you.  Your comments and feedback will always be appreciated.

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Thank you and we hope you enjoy your time at Mountain Equestrian.

l to r    Stara, Midnight

l to r    Elli, Mooni


Midnite  2011


Stara and Linda  2011


Midnite and Linda in the Tahoe National Forest